While other companies are trying to figure out Facebook with complicated tips and gimmicks that don't work, we give you the tools to use it while Maximizing it's potential.  
It's the First, the One and Only system of it's kind.

What can you do with it?

You really have only two choices.
Our system that automates Facebook Marketing,
or Hootsuite that manages several platforms but with a Steep Learning Curve and time demand.

One thing, NEVER Pay for Likes on Facebook and HERE is Why.


Scans your fb page “inbox” and creates a database of *leads* who have messaged your page in the past, and does a daily scan to add new leads (again those who send messages to your page.)

Create, schedule, and *mass send personalized* messages to these leads to their Facebook messenger application which fb claims gets around 96% open rate within 72 hours of message being received and of course you get 100% deliverability.
The platform uses fb API’s to connect to fb users.
Unlike email, there is no such thing as not received, went to junk or marked as spam! So when you have a new offer, or just to remind people about your business, send them a message to their fb messenger with your marketing message!

Auto private reply allows you to setup and send a private message reply from the page for each *comment* posted on your post! The user most likely will message back and start engaging with the page and possibly even become a customer. In any case once they engage they become eligible leads in the database. The message reply is personalized to the user, and can be multiple messages sent based on your pre-defined keywords – eg, you can set it up so that if the comment includes a certain keyword/phrase then send message A, if a different keyword/phrase, send message 2 etc…

Fb Chat window to add to your web site.

“Message US” CTA poster – creates posts with the “Message us” as the call to action for the post.

Many Other tools…

Leads can be added to groups and you can send messages to some or all groups as well as to some or all leads for a page.

Using the analytic tools you can identify the best customers and market to them.

You need to have a business page created for this to work, it cannot be used on personal profiles.

Check it Out Now. We have just launched in North America and we are live. You won't find another product like this ANYWHERE.

Did you Know?

We Don't have a Choice on Whether we do Social Media.

The Choice is HOW WELL we do it.

Ready, Set, Get Social

From Godaddy

Why Facebook Marketing?

Social Marketing is here to stay and the biggest platform BY FAR is Facebook.
We aren't fans of multiple platforms because Facebook is bigger than all of the others combined so why waste time?

Unlock the Power

What can you do with Business Social Media?
Imagine doing everything you see in the video below but on Auto-Pilot. Note the time she must take to engage...we automate that.

It's Social MASS Media

Social Media has evolved into Social MASS MEDIA.
You no longer control what is going, they do.  You can only nudge it in the right directin.

Virgin Story

Below is a company that gets it.
With our systems, it's not just the Big Boys that can succeed in this space. We have a starter package at $15/mo. 

True FACEBOOK Marketing is NOT just about scheduling and posting content, although we support that as well.

It's about creating a Database of "LEADS" that you can Market and Engage.
It's about engaging and reacting to your customers on Facebook via fb Messenger.
It's about Marketing on Auto-Pilot

If you want to manage Multiple Outlets

Hootsuite is the Multi Platform Management leader. You can start out managing 10 Social Media Platforms for $20/mo.

There is a very steep learning curve so you'll need to attend their Hootsuite University for training.

Hootsuite is quite incredible if you have a lot of Social Media Channels. It does tend to get a little complicated for most folks but they have a Cool system to get you up to speed, HootSuite University, and it's free when you sign-up.
If you want to take the time to Properly Manage multiple Social Media accounts, you need to check them out.

We have an option where you subscribe to the package you want and we can step in and manage it for you, starting at $150 a month, but not many folks do that because you can attend the Hootsuite University and do it all yourself.